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USB Port Office Lamp

Proper lighting sets the mood. When you’re on task, the wrong light might affect your mood but it certainly can affect your productivity. Avoid the gloom or glare with this stylish adjustable lamp that can plug right into your computer.

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Booq Laptop Bags

Booq Vyper

Booq Vyper

Booq laptop bags always have the laptop user in mind.

They are an ideal work-in bag, opening about 120 degrees with the laptop elevated.  It’s lightweight and protective, with extra room for extras (mouse, etc.)  The oversized YKK zipper has improved functionality and durability, convenient neoprene pockets for items large and small. Tough seatbelt nylon shoulder strap with super-sized pad, this bag comes with Terralinq™ Service and Helps reunite you with your lost & found bag.

Booq Mamba

Vyper XL, Fits 17″ Mac, 15″ PC, Max Laptop Size 15.5″ x 10.6″ x 1.25″ (394 x 269 x 32mm), Exterior 17.1 x 13.4 x 4.3 (434 x 340 x 109mm) and Weight 4.9 lb (2.23 kg)

Vyper M, Fits 15″ Mac, Max Laptop Size 14.2″ x 10.9″ x 1.5″ (361 x 277 x 38mm), Exterior 15.3 x 12.6 x 4.1 (389 x 320 x 104mm) and Weight 4.5 lb (2.05 kg)

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Clothes Pin USB Memory Stick

It seems like most memory sticks have been deemed unmarketable these days unless they are crafted to look like some random mildly amusing object or animal, like a humping dog, or a donut.  This one however, feels different.  I like to that that instead of this being a flash drive pretending to be a clothes pin, its actually a clothes pin that just happens to be equipped with a flash drive..you know, just in case.

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Floppy Disk Inspired Safe

Yet another floppy disk inspired product.  Sadly this “Safe Save” is merely a concept which is a bummer because I like the idea.  But now that I think about it..the physical safe is cool and all, but someone should make external harddrive that looks just like this.

Tebe Interesno via Gizmodo

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Develop Good Posture

Most office workers know that sitting still in an office chair for 8 hours every day can have some pretty serious negative side effects.  Aside from the obvious ones, like bad circulation from lack of exercise, deteriorating mental focus, and the occasional desire to go jump off a bridge, many people (myself included) also develop some wacky posture as a result of excessive chair slouching.
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Datamancer Ergo Keyboard

Wow, now here’s a keyboard that would certainly garner some attention at the office.  What was originally an old IBM M-15 ergonomic split keyboard was taken by a fellow known as Datamancer, and turned into this amazing modernized steampunk keyboard.

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This New Microsoft Ad is ?

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Morning Commutes

Wow this is beyond weird.  Microsoft recently began providing free bus transportation for some of it’s employees in China.  Pretty sweet right?  Wrong.  The bus is full of personal workstations, meaning every minute of the commute is officially extra work time.  I guess they should probably stop calling it “free” transportation.

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TSA Friendly Laptop Case

Having just returned from a brief vacation, the experience of going through airport security is still fresh in my mind, particularly the annoyance of being forced to remove my laptop from its case, and not being allowed to put it in one of the 3 bins I already had laid out for the rest of my junk.  Luckily there are now a few TSA-friendly laptop bags, including this FlyThru case from Belkin.
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Bring Life To Your Cubicle

If you have been considering getting a plant for your cubicle, but are worried about it winding up in the same place as your hopes and career aspirations from college (the dumpster), then check out this very useful USB gadget called The EasyBloom.  The EasyBloom Plant Sensor ($60) can help you figure out what type of plant you should get based on the sunlight and humidity your desk is exposed to.  Furthermore, the gadget can help you diagnose any problems your plant has.

It’s makers explain:

Place the sensor in a spot where you would like to grow a plant, or adjacent to the plant that needs monitoring. Let the EasyBloom Plant Sensor gather a ‘plant’s eye’ view of that location.  After 24 hours, plug the sensor into your USB port. Sensor data is uploaded to the EasyBloom website where algorithms are run that will either recommend a plant or diagnose what is wrong with an ailing plant.  When in Recommend mode, the EasyBloom website will present a set of plants that will thrive in that location. In Monitor mode, you will be told what is going wrong with a plant with visual cues on how to fix it.”

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