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Bring Life To Your Cubicle

If you have been considering getting a plant for your cubicle, but are worried about it winding up in the same place as your hopes and career aspirations from college (the dumpster), then check out this very useful USB gadget called The EasyBloom.  The EasyBloom Plant Sensor ($60) can help you figure out what type of plant you should get based on the sunlight and humidity your desk is exposed to.  Furthermore, the gadget can help you diagnose any problems your plant has.

It’s makers explain:

Place the sensor in a spot where you would like to grow a plant, or adjacent to the plant that needs monitoring. Let the EasyBloom Plant Sensor gather a ‘plant’s eye’ view of that location.  After 24 hours, plug the sensor into your USB port. Sensor data is uploaded to the EasyBloom website where algorithms are run that will either recommend a plant or diagnose what is wrong with an ailing plant.  When in Recommend mode, the EasyBloom website will present a set of plants that will thrive in that location. In Monitor mode, you will be told what is going wrong with a plant with visual cues on how to fix it.”

[via LikeCool]

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November 6, 2008   4 Comments

Desk Top Butt Station

If you enjoy cluttering your desk with useless junk that pretends to serve a purpose, then the Desk Top Butt Station is right up your alley.  As you can surely tell from the pictures, it is made to look like a fellow sitting on a toilet holding a roll of toilet paper.  The idea of the paper clips sticking to the guys underside is a nice touch, but unfortunately for all you mad pen collectors the piece only appears to hold 3.

September 9, 2008   1 Comment

The Ultimate Cubicle Prank?

Depending on your definition of the word prank, this could be one of the greatest cubicle pranks ever pulled.  Although to be honest, I wouldn’t mind being the victim of this one.

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Let There be (Therapeutic) Light

If your hectic work schedule doesn’t allow you to go outside and bask in some natural light from time to time, it can be especially challenging during the summertime to focus on your work.

But instead of letting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) keep you down, check out this great alternative to real sunlight; The Desktop Light Therapy Box.


It delivers 5,000 lux of daylight spectrum light. Say goodbye to fatigue, depression, and jet lag. Say goodbye to sleep-inducing melatonin and say hello to a slim boxful of light that’s as close to sunlight as you can get indoors.  Office lighting doesn’t get much better than this.

Available from Hammacher Schlemer for $89.95.

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Luxurious Office Cubicle Decoration

I’ve posted some pretty creative cubicle decorations here before, but none have exuded such luxury and refinement quite like Jared Nielsen’s executive cubicle.  Take note of the dark cherry hardwood floor, red mahogany luxury paneling, carved desk, oriental rug, and of course the executive office chair.


Well done sir, well done indeed.

June 16, 2008   2 Comments

Feng Shui your office/cubicle

While I would prefer decorating my cubicle with things that make me forget about the fact that I’m at work, my bosses prefer decorations that keep me focused and productive. So I decided to apply some of the principals of Feng Shui to my cubicle in an effort to create a more harmonious and organized environment.

Here are some tips on how to Feng Shui your cubicle/office:

[

May 21, 2008   3 Comments

Cubicle built for privacy


While those fortunate enough to work from home certainly have more privacy than the rest of us stuck in cubicle land, they are still subject to interruption from uncontrollable forces such as hyperactive children, attention hungry wives/husbands , and the constant lure of taking naps. While these distractions will never disappear, the “House on the table” by Soojin Hyun will at least give you the perceived feeling of having complete privacy for once. This very space efficient office design combines a desk with four walls, a vaulted ceiling, bookshelves, interior lighting, and look-out portals. Unfortunately only your upper body is hidden within the workspace, although I suppose that could easily be fixed by lining file cabinets along the bottom of the workstation.


Source: Yanko Design via Tree Hugger

May 15, 2008   4 Comments

Amazing Office Decorations


While I have never considered my office a “fun” place to hang out, I have always been pretty happy with some of the perks offered, like the daily free catered lunch, ping pong tables, and the old school video game machines. However I still can’t help but feel insanely jealous of the people working at companies like Pixar or Apple just on account of the workspaces provided there. I mean…seriously? For more pics of awesome workspace decorations head over to Office Snapshots.

office-2.jpg office-3.jpg office4.jpg

May 13, 2008   1 Comment

Cubicle Celebration

ideal cube

It was brought to my attention that last week marked the 40th birthday of the cubicle.  I’m not celebrating, obviously. While it is difficult to rejoice over a creation eventually lamented by its own inventor, Robert Propst, who called it a contribution to “monolithic insanity, I did find myself excited about discovering that in 2001 Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, teamed up with design firm IDEO to create the “ideal cubicle”. The result was a cube I could only hope to be placed in sometime. Ditching the conventional office furniture normally stuffed into our cubes, Adams created a modern office design built around the basic needs of the employee, to “eat, sleep,[and] avoid the boss”. Aside from practical neccesities like a office chair, and computer, Adams included a hideaway hammock, punching bag, a screen that monitors your boss’s movements, floor modules that lift for storage, and several oddities like an accoustically activated mechanical flower that shudders with happiness when you are present. Sadly the whole thing is far too unpractical for any company to install, but I can always dream.


March 27, 2008   1 Comment

Bath Tub Paper Clip Holder

bath tub paper clip holder

There are some items that most offices almost never run out of. For instance, people at my office must have some sort of love affair with post-it notes because we keep a big enough supply of them to make a tree-hugging environmentalist have a heart attack. Another item we stack up on is paper clips. Although they are an item that I hardly ever use, I grab a handful every time I pass by the supply room for some odd reason, probably just because we have so many of them. Consequently I have quite the buildup on my desk, which is why I was delighted to come across this unusual paper clip holder today. It’s shaped like a bath tub, and has a magnet in the faucet which makes the paper clips easy to grab in case you want to throw them at someone…which is pretty much the only thing I use them for.

Buy it at GizFever

March 18, 2008   1 Comment