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Go Green - The Eco Button

eco button

Here’s a really simple yet awesome product that will help reduce the amount of power you use. The Ecobutton is a USB device that you can tap before you leave your desk, and it will put your computer into energy-saving mode. Even better, it also tallies the money and carbon units you save by using it!.

I think its actually a really good idea and worth the $26.98

Buy it online at iWantOneOfThose

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Old Bottles = New Laptop Bag

Help offset your carbon footprint while simultaneously elevating your status in the eco-friendly community by getting down with one of these laptop bags made entirely from post consumer PET water and soda bottles. No clue how a laptop case can be forged from old water bottles (they claim each bag uses only a dozen half litre bottles), but hey if they say its true then it must be so…right?

Get one at the GuardianEcoStore 

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Solar Powered iPods

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Apple recently filed a patent for a device-covering solar film that could be used to charge an iPod or iPhone via exposure to sunlight. The patent also includes the use of photovoltaic cells stacked underneath the devices LCD touch screens to maximise surface area exposed to the sun, a technology similar to one recently patented by Motorola. While it might seem like a good idea at a glance, and not to mention applausable from an eco-friendly perspective, I can’t help but wonder how practical the feature would be for the average user at this time since the thin solar cell film required for the initiative is currently not efficient enough to provide a proper charge without leaving your device in the sun all day, which is just a tad bit too far away from the safety of my pocket for my own comfort…plus don’t they usually say to keep electronics out of the sun? Then again I’m all for finding new sources of energy, and solar powered devices are all the rage these days, so lets hope that Apple manages to turn this into something viable.

Engadget via DVICE

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Dell to release eco-inspired computer


Dell recently announced that they will be releasing a eco-inspired computer with a bamboo casing.  The computer will be 81% smaller than an average desktop, it will use 70% less power, and will made in part with recycled materials like old bottles, milk jugs, and detergent cases.  Price is expected to range from $500 to $700.

bamboo-computer-2.jpg           bamboo-computer-3.jpg

Earth2Tech via Green Blog

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Sleep and Charge


Like most other music fans out there I own a ipod, but oddly enough I hardly ever use it, mostly on account that I always forget to charge it. I have never wanted to dish out the dough for a ipod dock or speaker system, and thus have always relied on charging it through my computer, which is annoying for two reasons. First, if you completely deplete the battery, the ipod can’t even begin to charge until after being connected to my laptop for quite some time, since the usb port doesn’t have enough power to get past some type of “charge threshold” (as explained by one of the fellas at apple’s genius bar). Secondly, my laptop actually has to be on in order to be able to charge the dam thing, which can be annoying when I don’t want to actually use the laptop.

Well luckily computer manufacturers are finally catching on to this obvious fix-it..well only one at this point, but I’m sure many will follow. Toshiba recently unveiled a new line of laptops with a feature called the “sleep and charge”, which does exactly what the name signals; the ability to charge your favorite usb powered gadgets without the need for the computer to be on. It’s definitely not enough to make me buy one, but I’m hopeful Apple catches on soon.


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Tips to make your office eco-friendly

I came across a nice article today that listed some ways to make your office more eco-friendly.  While I don’t have a die hard “go green” mentality, I do think its an important issue and was disappointed when I realized that my company has only implemented 3 of the 10 tips listed.  Some of the suggestions include using LED lights, installing motion sensors for the lights, and using ceramic plates instead of disposable ones (which is something my company should really do considering we have a catered lunch every day for more than 150 people).  Go check out the article and see how your company fares.

10 Ways To Green Your Office at Low Impact Living

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