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April Fools’ Office Pranks

fridge handle prank

If the Phantom Keystroker didn’t strike your fancy for a good April Fools’ day prank, there’s certainly a wealth of good ideas floating around the web right now. The fellas over at Popular Mechanics just dropped the top 5 pranks that can be pulled at your job. I can’t say i was particularly smitten with most of them, as they seemed either too time consuming, or too confusing to execute. Nonetheless I am still going to give the Refrigerator Handle Switch a try. Apparently you can place the handle on most office fridges on the opposite side of the fridge, thereby rendering any attempt at opening the thing useless. If you’re looking for something a bit less involved, there are several delightful Firefox Prank add-ons that will cause erratic browser behavior and consequently massive headaches. For even more great computer related pranks head over to Lifehacker’s Top 10 Harmless Pranks. Feel free to post any of your successful pranks in the comments.

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Posted on Mar 31, 2008 in Office Culture, Office Pranks
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