A Guide to Life Inside the Cubicle

Don’t Head For the Spa, Get a Spa for your Head

Italian design and Japanese engineering? There must be a punch line coming after that set-up.

The ads say it’s like thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp. This sounds like the magic fingers option one used to find on beds in midrange motels. As in that case, it seems to me that human fingers would do a better job. But in one’s lonely office cubicle, the Brain Spa Head Massager may be an acceptable second choice.

Anything that relives stress is a good thing. And improved blood circulation may even help you come up with new ideas. The helmet you have to wear may make you look like a space cadet, but hey, your officemates will relieve their stress by laughing at you.

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Posted on Aug 17, 2008 in Office Gadgets, Office Humor, Office Passtime


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