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Right Side Up Water Dispenser.

Have you ever tried replacing the water tank on a typical office water dispenser?  If yes, then you know how absurdly hard it is to get the water tank into the dispenser cabinet without fumbling and spilling a gallon of water all over yourself.  Well luckily someone finally got fed up and did offices around the world a favor by making the Right Side Up Water Dispenser

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Tasty Tap Water

water dispenser

Interesting fact: last week Los Angeles took the title for tastiest tap water at the 18th Annual Berkeley Spings International Water Tasting. The competition is the world’s largest and longest-running water tasting competition, with over 120 different entries from 19 states and 9 foreign countries. Really?? As a resident of LA, I can’t say I have ever had a glass of tap water and been particularly impressed with its quality. In fact, just the other day I realized that you can buy a water dispenser like the one in most offices, and exchange/refill the tank for only $13 at most grocery stores! I had actually become a bit concerned because I have what is referred to as hard water at my apartment(probably due to old pipes), which makes my skin extremely dry after showering. While there is apparently no convincing evidence of hard water being bad for you, I still feel weird whenever i drink it.  Your thoughts?

Full Article via The Seattle Times

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